Ah, the ocean. From Charles Trenet's La Mer to Don Henley's Boys of Summer, the seaside has inspired many a summer anthem. For crooner Lana Del Rey, what's proven to be one of her summer staples is a breakup song — complemented by the sounds of waves, birds and the stinging sensation of heartbreak.

The second single off her upcoming album Honeymoon, High By The Beach is a synth-driven track, a newbie laced with the singer's signature slurring vocals. It's definitely a song that's meant to play on repeat — with lyrics such as "All I wanna do is get high by the beach, get high by the beach, get high" over a rolling electronic beat. Officially released yesterday (following a leak days before), it's the single to end all summer singles: Best paired with a lonesome walk along the coast, and a vice or two in each hand.

Embrace the lull of the ocean below.