Thank you, Fred Perry. Right on the money with the culture kids, they've re-introduced their gig series after a three-year hiatus with FRED PERRY SUBCULTURELIVE. For its inaugural launch, they're bringing in the big guns of indie music: Jack Savidge from Friendly Fires, Poptart, Subsonic Eye and Specific Islander. This multi-sensory experience will be completed with local artist Empyreal (a.k.a. Amanda Tan), who'll be bringing her brand of gig-friendly visuals (her work was previously seen at Moonbeats Warehouse Party) on a projection map. Here's a taste of things to come.

1. Friendly Fires & The Asphodells (Jack Savidge remix) 
Savidge splits his time between being a drummer for British indie rock band Friendly Fires and going round the DJ circuit. Have a listen to this  double A-side single with The Asphodells.

2. Subsonic Eye, 2daze
Five-piece alternative dream pop band has just released their new track, 2daze, earlier this month. 

3. Specific Islander, Wilderness
Hankering for a taste of tropical pop? Foursome Specific Islander brings the best of shoegaze revelries and bossa nova beats — here's some Wilderness for your taking.


Entry to FRED PERRY SUBCULTURELIVE free on 4 August. Register here by 2 August to secure your spot. Location to be announced.