With song titles like Young Chasers, Stuck In My Teeth and T-Shirt Weather, Liverpool natives Circa Waves remind us of the best times of our adolescence. Bringing back feel-good, heartfelt indie rock melodies, we grabbed the chance to question the band's lead singer and chief songwriter, Kieran Shudall, about the meaning behind his lyrics. Find out what his lucky charm is, what he does to get away from it all, and his favourite thing to wear in summer.  

We also took advantage of having the first international music guest of the Buro Backseat video series, by getting Shudall to try some of the best things that make Singapore so special and unique — Singlish and local food!

For his unadulterated responses and first ever acoustic rendition of T-Shirt Weather, watch the video below:

Special thanks to Gibson for the guitar and Volkswagen for the Volkswagen Touraeg. Circa Waves performed in Singapore on 23 October for the Dr. Martens Stand For Something Tour South East Asia 2015. 

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