I've been listening to a lot of old originals and new remixes of electronic music, especially French and German sounds: The computerised vocals, repetitive rhythms and catchy melodies all created with keyboards, percussions and synthesizers. I see the songs I've picked as soundtracks to the coming shows at Milan and Paris Fashion Week.

I'm currently loving Felix Da Housecat's Silver Screen and Moderat's A New Error. Happy Mondays' 24 Hour Party People is reminiscent of the start of rave culture in Manchester. I've also been getting back into drum and bass-influenced beats like Art Of Noise's Moments In Love and Bang That by Disclosure. I still can't get enough of New Order. Their track, Your Silent Face, is synth-heavy and hits me with a wave of nostalgia for those classic cheesy '80s TV series intros. New wave-meets-pop hit Hot by Le Tigre is another favourite at the moment.