Carmen Low of Lepark and The Getai Group shares her favourite things

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Carmen Low of Lepark and The Getai Group shares her favourite things
Carmen Low, one of the co-founders of Lepark and The Getai Group shares why Chinatown is the hood of her heart

1. Local band

"This is so hard for me to choose because I work with so many of them! I'm very proud to say that the local music scene is filled with talents. The Good Life Project is definitely one of my favourites: They are young, talented and their music just lifts you up. I'm waiting eagerly for their EP to be released."

the good life

2. Meal

"One of the most epic meals I've had was at Terasa in the Golden Well Hotel, Prague, which was perched at the castle complex of Prague. The food was exceptional and the three-hour sunset casted a golden shadow on the city of Prague. It helped that we had a seven-course meal with alcohol pairing and I couldn't really remember what happened after the fifth course."


3. Beer

"Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar in draft. We sell the bottled version at Lepark but after tasting the draft version at an alley bar in China, I am sold on its fresh nutty hazelnut fragrance."


4. Neighbourhood in Singapore 

"Chinatown. I grew up here and have lived around this area all my life. I know most of the older stall owners at the market here as I've frequented them as a kid, most of my childhood memories are here. Starting my businesses around Chinatown as an adult has also allowed me to re-learn and re-love this neighbourhood in new ways."


5. Travel destination

"I love to dive; hence one of my favourite destinations that I've been to recently is Palau, Micronesia before starting another new venture. I went on a dive live-on-board for a week; there was no reception, emails or phone calls. One week of diving with majestic sea creatures — it was a blissful week for me."


For the month of August, The Getai Group presents Getai MASH+UPS, a series pairing live DJ sets and music acts at Lepark. More details here.

Text: Adibah Isa

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    Axyl Ang,
    Golden Well Hotel,
    Carmen Low,
    The Good Life Project,
    Singapore Tourism Board
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