Brunch with Buro: Billie JD Porter

Ruffling feathers

Brunch with Buro: Billie JD Porter
Who is Billie JD Porter? A rising television presenter in the UK, she chats to Yvette King on front row etiquette and that time she had a Twitter beef with Demi Lovato

You could say Billie JD Porter is the embodiment of the slashie. The 23-year-old is a presenter, music journalist, DJ and model. After beginning her career in writing for the likes of NME, Vice and Dazed and Confused, Porter just recently finished hosting a documentary series for the BBC called Secrets of China. I caught up with the quirky, cool London lass for a spot of tea and cake post show at Digital Fashion Week Singapore.

You've been on tour in Asia it seems — thoughts on the Singapore leg and the fashion scene here?
I love what I've seen of Singapore! What a fascinating blend of cultures... I feel like I could spend a good few weeks here just eating.

What did you aspire to be growing up?
A writer! I want to write novels eventually.

Why did you leave school at 16?
I went to a really bad school... It was exhausting. The kids basically ran riot and the teachers, for the most part, gave up. I was already doing the odd writing job and I had a bit of an epiphany just before I was meant to enrol at college then took a leap of faith and started interning and waitressing to pay the bills.

You've already got an impressive CV, but how did you come to front a show called Joy of Teen Sex?
HA! Well that was an interesting one. That name certainly wasn't attached when I signed up for it. The channel had seen some online presenting work that I'd done, and then I was called in for a screen test. I saw some very interesting stuff shooting that series.

Brunch with Buro: Billie JD Porter x Yvette King

You recently had a twitter showdown with Demi Lovato, who actually did ask "who are you?". Other than your brilliant comeback, what was your reaction to that?
Well I thought Mug-gate was funny, but then a few weeks later she misunderstood 'genes' and 'jeans' in an interview with Radio1. There's no stopping her. So far as my reaction to the 'beef', I'm not too bothered about Demi or her fans. I think you have to hold someone's opinion pretty highly to be bothered about catty remarks like that.

Music you're listening to at the moment?
Obsessed with the new Grimes record, and having a Q and Not U moody revival at the moment.

Which emojis do you repeatedly use?
The eyes emoji.. for everything. If someone hasn't replied, if they're a minute late... general psycho vibes.

You were hanging out in the front row at London Fashion Week and Digital Fashion Week Singapore — is there such thing at front row etiquette?
I don't know. I was eating ice cream on the FROW in SG and a moth flew out of a really old skirt I wore once in London. The whole fashion 'hierarchy' is kind of ridiculous, if there's a certain way you're supposed to behave for sitting half a foot closer to some clothes than other people, then I certainly haven't been made aware.

What bothers you most about the "scene?"
Desperate, fame-hungry young girls with no ambition other than to 'model' or attend crappy parties. It's gross.

Who is your girl crush?

Dream interviewee?
Justin Bieber.

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