The many stares of Kristen Stewart

Wide-eyed wonder

The many stares of Kristen Stewart
She'll play Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld's next film, which will give us another way to enjoy her multi-faceted stares

You know Kristen Stewart well — or at least, as how she's portrayed in the media: Full-time actress, occasional fashion muse and all-around icon for awkward, misunderstood youths. American Ultra, now showing in cinemas here, has her teaming up with Jesse Eisenberg again in this atypical action flick. While she does do a lot of running in the movie, Stewart also casts her signature artistry: Staring.

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Youtube host Movieclips Trailers has put together a mashup of some of K-Stew's most iconic stares. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn't just specialise in long shot, deadpan ones: There's the scared stare (Panic Room), the sexy stare (The Runaways), and — wait for it — the sprint stare, seen in the Twilight series and American Ultra.


We're hoping she'll bring her A-game gaze to Karl Lagerfeld's short film, which will see her starring as a young Coco Chanel. Premiering on 1 December at the fashion house's Métiers d'Arts show in Rome, we can already picture the scenes: Stewart rocking a striped tee while gazing out at the French seaside, or casting a steely eye over 20th century's fashion booboos. Meanwhile, you can watch the mashup below.

Text: Adibah Isa

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