Welcome guests the Italian way with glass barware, Welcome Gestures

Ciao, Milano

Welcome guests the Italian way with glass barware, Welcome Gestures

Italians sure know their stuff. In a household, there's no better way to end a long day than with a glass of water, some olives and bread. It's also a great way to welcome the day, and most importantly, a guest — with the smell of a freshly baked loaf of ciabatta and the distinct punch of saltiness from a bowl of olives. It's no surprise that in the recent Salone del Mobile 2016, four design creatives took it upon them to present a collection for this purpose: To welcome the international jetset with some water, olives and bread.

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Not without showcasing their new barware too, of course. Named Welcome Gestures for W.O.B. (which, as you've guessed, refers to water, olives and bread), the collection of barware includes a pitcher, bowls and glass bottles. Made of honey-amber mouth-blown borosilicate glass, each piece was created by a designer who had interpreted the gesture of camaraderie into a product. Among the designers are Lanzavecchia + Wai, which includes our own Singaporean son Hunn Wai (the other is Italian Francesca Lanzavecchia). The other three names in design are Antonio Forteleoni, Mist-o and Leonoardo Talarico.

The whisky-coloured glassware don't need any trimmings to function stylishly — road-tested during the show in two Milanese restaurants, DRY and Pisacco, they're a fitting companion to a trio that's all you really need to make a guest feel at home: Water, olives, and bread. 


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Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Davide Farabegoli
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