#ThrowbackThursday: Pirelli Calendar


#ThrowbackThursday: Pirelli Calendar
Celebrate the iconic calendar's 50th anniversary with TASCHEN's complete retrospective

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but for the photographs in the Pirelli Calendar, they've more than painted subjective prose. Born in Thames during London's Swinging Sixties, the Pirelli Calender was more than just your typical corporate freebie. Always at the forefront of dicovering new faces and trends (they shot the then 16-year old Naomi Campbell in the 1987 edition which only featured black models), the risqué race continues in its 50th year.

In this complete retrospective by TASCHEN, Pirelli - The Calendar. 50 Years And More brings you behind the scenes footage to your coffee table read, including an unpublished 1963 edition as well as a selection of images which were then deemed too provocative at the time. 

Featuring the faces and lenses of today, yesterday and tomorrow, this is the ultimate throwback to the craft built by your favourite pop culture icons.


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Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Dal Calendario PIRELLI,
    1984 di Uwe Ommer; Dal Calendario PIRELLI,
    1984 di Uwe Ommer; Dal Calendario PIRELLI,
    1984 di Uwe Ommer
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