Being famous on Vine is not just like being rich in Monopoly money anymore.

The social media app that allows users to share six and a half second videos, has turned its stars into bonafide (and cashed up) semi-celebrities. From sponsorship deals to starring in movies (Marcus Johns, the first Viner to reach a million followers, was in last year's movie Expelled alongside fellow Viner Cameron Dallas), these six-second heroes have whipped and nae'd nae'd their smartphone success into a profitable profession. And it's only just the beginning.

Don't know what the fuss is all about? Check out our favourite ten Viners below. (PSA: Click on the top left of each Vine for sound. You're welcome.)

1. Josh Darnit 

Okay, let's be honest, we're all following Josh for his adorable son, Evan (Vining at @Evancredible). The fact that he also gets dissed by his other kids (Surprise! They also have Vine accounts: @JohnnaMazing and @AJMG) is just a bonus.

2. Brittany Furlan

Admittedly, Brittany sometimes takes it too far  — "Do if for the Vine!" — but she records more hits than misses. 

3. Marcus Johns

"Sometimes I just don't care!" declares Marcus. Cue: Crazy dancing and ranting in public spaces.  

4. King Bach

Whether it's on his Vine account, or on his popular YouTube channel, Canadian-born Andrew Bachelor constantly pays out American culture for a laugh. No complaints here.  

 5. Amanda Cerny

Not just a pretty face, Amanda knows how to, ummm... roll with the boys.

6. Rudy Mancuso

Master of teleportation, amazing on the keys, has a tempestuous relationship with his 'madre', and frequently walks into poles, walls and fridge doors. What's not to love?

7. Josh Peck

Does a killer impression of a teenage Valley Girl. Actually, scratch that, does great impressions of all teenage girls.

8. Lele Pons

Oh, I think I found myself a cheerleader. Lele, and her army of friends, are always there when you need her.

9. Matt Cutshall

Three words: Abs and girls. Frequently topless and caught in a never-ending love triangle between a fawning Manon Mathews and a disinterested Arielle Vandenberg. #TeamManon

10. Brodie Smith

All about his awesome trick shots. Ultimate frisbee for the win. 

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