From afar, the prints almost look like standard wrapping paper fare: small, repeated motifs that form a larger image. Yet upon closer examination, each work tells a bigger story. Birds, beetles, and other natural specimens are photographed and made into geometric patterns by photographer Ernest Goh. It's a tribute to the natural world – one that goes beyond the surface.

Wildlife is given a sense of order as the patterns orchestrate nature into neatly arranged forms. However, there's another side to it. As an exhibition, 'Breakfast at 8, Jungle at 9' tells a deeper tale of how we view nature as aesthetically pleasing yet disposable. After all, Goh's work is showcased on wrapping paper.

The message might be familiar, but we're fans of the inventive way Goh tells it: Through striking visuals, but subtly nonetheless. Check out more of his work below, and see them in person at 'Breakfast at 8, Jungle at 9'.

'Breakfast at 8, Jungle at 9' will be showcased at the Objectifs Gallery till 19 July. More details can be found here