52 ways to celebrate Singapore

Majulah Singapura

Wearing red and white is the least of your concerns

Happy 52nd birthday, Singapore. Instead of sleeping the day away on a much-needed mid-week break (public holidays are heaven-sent), get involved and do something to make you feel just a tad more patriotic. We're not forcing you to jump on the bandwagon and commit a faux pas like sushi joint Maki-San with their "Maki Kita" fiasco, but we're encouraging you to check out what's new in the scene — away from just sporting red and white, rolling your eyes at the NDP parade and making out as the fireworks go off. It's time to become #SoSingaporean.

Check out why we laughed out loud at #SG50.


Clara Tan Adibah Isa

  • Image: Getty Images, Facebook | Gallery & Co., Sezairi, Cats on Crack, Artistry, Anand N
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