You're not beach ready until you've gotten a hold of one of Rizibë's prints. Launched yesterday, 'Lucid Beach' is the visual artist's (whose real name is Mriz Sidah) series of prints, paintings and drawings narrating adventures in a fishing village somewhere in the Indian Ocean. It's island life as you'd expect it — love stories intertwined with nature's beauty; massive, threatening waves; sun-worshipping at its best and a tale or two about a mysterious goddess.

Each character's persona is locked in a vibrant wash of colours in the artist's signature flat art style. Looking beyond its superficial impressions, however, you'll realise Rizibë's ulterior motive — to confront our rigid perceptions of identity and the modern self. Using the sea as a metaphor for life, he employs each setting to explore our longing for the enlivening potency of nature, along with an inherent sense of separateness and detachment. These contemporary lifestyle shots reveal a true desire for an experience of love and equanimity in perfect harmony.

See more of his works below.

'Lucid Beach' is held from now till 5 February at The Inventory, 12b Jalan Klapa. For more information, click here.