Only someone as influential as the late Zaha Hadid could sway Swarovski into changing the way the brand has worked with crystals. Swarovski's new Wave Cut technology, which launches this year is an innovation that was born out of a creative collaboration with the late designer, who passed away in April.

Combining cutting edge computer technology with mechanical engineering, the crystals are cut into curved forms — a technique that has never been achieved in crystal cutting before. Also a first for Swarovski, this method surfaced from the brand's new home décor product line, which sees crystals creatively cut and molded into lust-worthy objet d'arts for your living space.

Zaha HAdid

Made of crystal and metal, the centrepiece is an elegant addition to the dining table or showcase, showing off the late designer at her best: Imposing, structural, and always a conversation starter. 

Hadid — who's also collaborated with Atelier Swarovski in 2010 — is one of the brand's long list of designers for Atelier Swarovski Home. One of them's Kim Thomé, who we last saw create a seven-metre installation of Swarovski crystals for Design Shanghai 2016. His contribution to this home line? A set of candle holders with a crystal halo.

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