1. Narelle Kheng and Sandra Riley Tang backstage before The Sam Willows' set at the Coyote stage.

Instagram | @narellekheng

2. The Singapore Airlines bear takes his seat early to watch the finals.

Instagram | @singaporeair

3. In pure fanboy form, a spectator at home watches the finals wearing his Richard Mille special edition Singapore Grand Prix timepiece.

Instagram | @eonov

4. A race staff strikes a pose before the finals.

Instagram | @mrdhyhz

5. You're on candid camera: The moment that made everyone watching gasp and clap slowly in unison. Yes, it actually happened — last we heard, he's now arrested.

Instagram | @egondoof

6. Host Yvette King realises she's the dancing girl emoji at The Podium Lounge.

Instagram | @vettyking

7. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel jumps for joy — quite literally — celebrating his win at first place.

Instagram | @fansofsebvettel

8. A fan shares her love for Bon Jovi during their set, which ended the festivities.

Instagramm | @zanniezannzann

9. The crowd chants the chorus of Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name, heard from the 65th floor of Swissôtel the Stamford.

10. A fan cools off after it's all over — with the help of a truckload of ice cubes.

Instagram | @natalie_pinkham