The dynamic duos from Gucci's social art project


The dynamic duos from Gucci's social art project
Creative Director Alessandro Michele invited more than 30 artists to express Gucci's new prints — Blooms and Caleido — in their artwork. Here are the dynamic couplings which stood out

Chris Rella | @copylab

We all know Marie Antoinette favoured excess, but we didn't know she did so via Net-a-Porter like the rest of us. In American artist Chris Rella's world, she did. The Paris-based 19-year-old provokes the public with some brilliant digital trickery. There's nothing he hasn't attempted: From flat-laying pieces of steak alongside the striking reds of a Chanel Boy and superimposing himself in Adele's embrace during her performance at the Oscars, he's also injected Gucci's Reversible Blooms leather tote in 'The Kiss', an 1859 painting by Italian artist Francesco Hayez.

Gucci Copylab

The Most Famous Artist | @themostfamousartist

Who knew a humble 20th-century American couple could have such an eye for Gucci? Like Chris Rella, The Most Famous Artist is a collective who updates period pieces by adding contemporary icons — such as the Gucci Bloom and Caleido prints. In an image that has been parodied to death, The Most Famous Artist keeps it fresh by marrying the painting and the complementary colours of Gucci together. 

The Most Famous Artist

Nicolas Gavino | @nicolasgavino

"The worst thing that can happen is perfection," notes photographer and artist Nicolas Gavino. Looking at his work, you can understand why — he develops his films in an offbeat manner, favouring light leaks and a blurred aesthetic over clarity. Capturing men and women in careless eroticism, his shots show an intimate and solitary side of a couple. Photographing his subjects as though they are caught unaware, his shots appear as though we've stumbled upon their private lives. For his #GucciGram, he's draped the Gucci Bloom chain crossbody over a lip-locked embrace.

Nicolas Gavino

Text: Adibah Isa

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