Even if you don't have the makings of a beauty junkie in you, you would have definitely heard the phrase 'my lips but better' — otherwise known as MLBB — a time or three. Whilst on the other end of the spectrum where makeup addicts live and breathe, they can go on for hours on what makes the perfect MLBB shade with six or more different lip colours to demonstrate their point.

But veering off the beaten path of lipsticks and the merits of owning 20 different nuances of nude, we take a look at a different kind of MLBB, the one we dub 'my lids but better'. And who else but these famous faces to provide some inspiration? These leading ladies — some of whom you'll know are beauty ambassadresses — show us how they rock their MLBB eyeshadow on and off the red carpet to great effect.

Your Lids but Better eyeshadows Emily Blunt

Your Lids but Better eyeshadows Cate Blanchett

Your Lids but Better eyeshadows Constance Wu

Your Lids but Better eyeshadows Eva Green

Certainly a signature look and a travel-friendly option rolled into one, MLBB shades are perfect for those days when you just want to do away with bulky palettes and simply slick a dash of gorgeous yet fuss-free colour (blending optional) to enhance your peepers. For those looking to get on the 'my lids but better' train, these are your must-have one-and-done single shadows: