If ever there was a beauty item that could make a woman look chicer and pulled together in an instant, it would be black liner. Whether in a smudgy kohl formula or a precise liquid liner for a clean flick, black liner is the perfect frame for your peepers. Of course, slapping on some concealer, mascara and lip balm helps, but on the days when you can't manage anything else, liner is an instantaneous makeover.

The different ways you can wear liner also highlights its versatility. Italian actress Matilde Gioli rims it around her blue eyes to really make them pop, while Natalie Portman and Spanish actress Pilar López de Ayala pairs liner with smoky shadow and lashings of mascara for nighttime sophistication. How much of a flick should you do for the day? Look to actresses/models Lily-Rose Depp and Suki Waterhouse for a good indication. As to how thick you should draw your liner? Try to balance out the shape of your eyes so they look symmetrical — thicker liner will make you eyes look smaller.

Matilde Gioli

Natalie Portman

Lily-Rose Depp

Pilar López de Ayala

Suki Waterhouse