5 nail hacks for the lazy girl

Fingerpainting 101

5 nail hacks for the lazy girl
Can’t be fussed to sit through a two-hour long mani sesh? Here are five trimmed down looks to totally nail instead

Soak your cuticles, apply two coats of base colour, let dry for 20 minutes, break out your nail art stamping tools.... and nope, ain't nobody got time for that. Short of having the patience and diligence of a saint, finagling a chic yet complicated nail design — and relegated to being about as useful as an overpriced snow globe in the drying process — can be trying even for the most venerated of beauty buffs. Besides, done-to-death nails are so 2013. These days, the 'imperfect perfect' look is the edge that all the IT girls are rocking, plus they've got the Instagram snaps to prove it. Whether you're a beauty quick-fixer, an understated polish lover or even a DIY-rookie, we round up five nail hacks that'll get you spiffy in a jiffy:

It doesn't get more uncomplicated than going at it free hand. Angle a swipe of metallic polish over your base colour and you're good to go.

5 nail hacks for lazy girls

Pick your polish palette and alternate the shades across your digits. Repeat on the other hand. Voilà.

5 nail hacks for lazy girls

The grown-up version of painting your nails with corrector fluid, highlight the ring finger with some crisscrossed nail tape and trim the ends once it dries.

5 nail hacks for lazy girls

Some gold foil (or a solid metallic gold lacquer), colourful french tips and you've got your go-to nails for tackling music festival season.

 5 nail hacks for lazy girls

Give layering a twist by painting a stripe of colour three-quarters of the way across the nail bed. Opt for a single contrasting hue if you're pressed for time, otherwise pack on the brights.

5 nail hacks for lazy girls

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