How veteran makeup artist Tom Pecheux created the perfected complexions at the Saint Laurent SS 18 show

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How veteran makeup artist Tom Pecheux created the perfected complexions at the Saint Laurent SS 18 show
Think having youthful, glow-y skin is the easiest makeup look to attain? Tom Pecheux shows us how much work it actually is

If there's one makeup trend that gets a bad rep it's the no makeup-makeup look. We understand how it can sometimes come across as somewhat underwhelming and unexciting compared to the big trends like bold, matte lips, glitter and even 3D brows, but learning how to perfect and enhance your canvas is actually makeup 101 and something a lot of women haven't yet mastered. Which would probably explain a lot of the cakey, overdone and mismatched foundation we've seen everywhere from public transport to even our offices. Veteran French makeup artist Tom Pecheux has one sound piece of advice when it comes to base, "I never overdose the skin with foundation." Here's what else Pecheux did for the models using Yves Saint Laurent Beauté products.
Tom Pecheux no makeup look

1. The look is about youth, healthy skin and litte makeup. He started by massaging the skin with Or Rouge Huile Voluptueuse to maintain the skin quality before applying the new Encre De Peau All Hours Primer which gives skin a nice glow and finish.

2. To cover up any imperfections without that heavy look, he used the Encre De Peau All Hours Concealer.

3. To complement each models' lip colour he mixed a drop of Tatouage Couture No. 7 with the Top Secrets Lip Perfector.

4. Pecheux chose to go completely bare on the eyes save for some concealer on the eyelids to brighten the eyes. He simply curled the eyelashes and brushed through the brows.

While not everyone can pull this bare-faced look off, it's worth a go for weekends, days at the beaches or simply when you don't feel like piling on the face paint. Check out the products he used below. 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Or Rouge Huile Voluptueuse,

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