5 Instagram beauty trends you should try at least once

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5 Instagram beauty trends you should try at least once
There's no such thing as a beauty mistake if you only make it once. Here are some wacky Instagram trends you should try just for the heck of it

Instagram beauty trends are the equivalent of fast fashion — low commitment and pretty much here one day, gone the next. And if the offending trend (or clothing) is not the best-made or most classic look you'll ever sport — who cares? Still we're all for embracing the weird, wacky and whimsical when it comes to beauty. Sure it may not work for you, but you're only going to sport it for a few hours at best and a month at worst. Many of these trends can be achieved at home with tools and products you already own, although some may cost a pretty penny. Ready to raise some eyebrows and embrace your inner, glitter-flecked unicorn? Read on.

Back in the day there was a cartoon series called Rainbow Brite with a lead character and her friends sporting the kind of pastel hair colours we can only dream on. Combine that with the penchant for faux freckles that seem to be sweeping millennials and you have (of course) rainbow freckles. Cute, easily acheivable with some eyeliner pencil and easily erased with some makeup remover.



For the uninitiated, there was once a Pamela Anderson movie called Barb Wire set in the American Civil War of 2017 (hmmm... that's strangely prescient). And in our opinion the barbed wire tattoo around the arm that she sported should remain firmly in 1996 when the film was made. You know what will not date as badly as ill-advised body ink? This eyebrow trend, which pretty much takes just some creative separation and brow gel to attain.


We've seen our fair share of mermaid-related trends, from knitted tails to multi-hued hair dye — that probably have to do with embracing our inner Ariels. But when done well, this seashell inspired mani is actually a pretty cool way to show your love for life under the sea. Our only advice: Rein in the urge to stud your entire nail with pearls, shells, glitter and assorted bric-a-brac. Do heavily embellishment on just one nail instead. If there was ever a time to ahem... scale back, this is it.


Is this practical? In short, no. Should you try it? Heck, yes! Sure you won't be able to nibble on even a morsel, but isn't eating overrated anyway? And any male (or female) is bound to be drawn to your mesmerising, marbelised pout, which you can match to your nails and even to your kitchen counter for greater effect.


Grey is the new everything, but the latest hair trend sweeping Instagram is a deeper shade of the hallowed hue. A dark, icy iteration of the usual grey, this is perfect for transitioning into the fall (for those who experience the four seasons) or something just a tad more sophisticated than your normal pastels or blah browns. The best part? It isn't that crazy IRL.



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