The stars came out to play at the 2016 Grammys and debuted their new and fancy hairdos along the way. Taylor Swift, once a ringlet-ed country singer, showed off her power bob with a thick fringe. So it wasn't the most groundbreaking of hairstyles, but it seems to be one snip closer to Swift actually donning a cute pixie cut — which we think will actually suit her.

Pharell Williams went pure platinum as did Justin Bieber. While edgy on Williams, it did seem to make him look a tad more tired than he normally does. While Bieber's dapper blonde locks got a thumbs up from us, we're not so sure about the peach fuzz and wisp of a moustache he sported. Also standouts for better or for worse: Zendaya's blonde mullet which the singer said on her Instagram was a David Bowie tribute, and Lady Gaga's flaming red 'do. Paired with a sequinned jumpsuit, there was an Elvis meets Aladdin Sane vibe going on with Gaga's whole outfit. It was a fitting look though, at the star later took to the stage with Nile Rodgers to perform a 10-song tribute to the late Bowie. 

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