Beauty how to: SS16 best hair trends

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Beauty how to: SS16 best hair trends
Love the hair looks that you saw on the Spring/Summer runways, but don't know how to replicate them at home? Our hair expert Emma Haddock shows you how

As a hairstylist, these are the Spring/Summer looks that piqued my interest. Perfect for Singapore's weather and laidback style, although they may seem difficult to attain by yourself, they can be done with the right techniques, products and a little bit of practice. Ladies, get your hairdryers (and styling fingers) ready.

This look is perfect for warm, summer days. It's all about hair being sleek, smooth, shiny and healthy.

Public School

How to: 
1. This works better on day old hair. Start by lightly wetting the hair with a water spray and brushing though. Then apply a braid paste or cream all over the hair — this will help with flyaways and help keep the hair nice and smooth. 

2. Next, brush all your hair back off the face with no parting into a high ponytail. Take the ponytail into three sections. The first section should be wrapped around the hair band and secured with a bobby pin.

3. Next, twist the two remaining sections back on themselves tightly, then twist them together and secure with a clear elastic band. Finish with a wet spray to keep hair near and in place.

Must try:

Oscar Blandi Braid Paste
This cream is good for controlling hair but also changing the shape within it, keeping hair smooth and flyaways at bay.

Kevin Murphy Texture Master Spray
This finishing spray leaves hair looking slightly wet looking with great shine. Once hair is sprayed in place, this will keep it looking pristine thoughout the day.

This look is really the 'I just got out of bed hair' with lots of texture, texture, texture. But still this is not simply achieved by rolling out of bed — there is some styling involved.

Topshop Unique

How to:
1. Start by using a texture spray at the roots on washed or even day old hair. Tip the head upside down and blast dry the hair all over massaging the roots to create volume.

2. Scrunch the ends to give more texture — this style can never have enough of it. Flip hair back and part hair into a really deep side part.

3. Finally take some dust powder wax in your hands and start to separate the ends, leaving bits kicking out so there is movement — the messier the better.

Must try:
Redken Fashion Wave Texture Sea Spray
This will really give the hair body where is needs it and because it's a salt spray it creates a dry finish on the hair, giving the hair some guts. It's also good to bring out the natural texture in hair.

L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Texture Dust
Don't be fooled by the lightness of this dust, it's got a strong hold and is perfect for breaking up layers to give hair more texture.

This style mixes things up with different textures and a whole lot of height. I loved that it had a relaxed, punk feel with a very modern day twist. Do note that from the three, this style is may look deceptively simple, but is probably the most complicated to achieve.

Max Mara

How to:
1. Start by adding a texture spray to damp hair, taking it though the roots and the mid lengths of the hair. Tip your head upside down and blast the hair dry, allowing your hair's own natural texture to come though.
2. T
ake a small amount of gel in your hands and massage it though the front of your hair, to give it a wet feel, then comb though the sides and top section, leaving the rest of the hair natural.
3. Take a small section from the corner of each eye brow, and pull it back in a triangle shape section to the top of the crown. Back comb this section and clip it away till later.
4. The following section is taken underneath the last. Comb the side back to a half-up style, keeping the sides very close to the head. Pin and secure this at the back of the head.
5. Let down the first section and smooth out the backcombed portion to create a mini quiff. Leave the ends of that section to hang over the last section and use a clip to hold the entire look together, leaving the rest of the hair hanging loose and natural.

KMS Hair Play Texture Spray
This really does give you a good build up of texture and body without the stickiness. And the smell is so good you could almost eat it!
tigi Bedhead Head Shrink Gel
The gel really leave the hair sleek and wet looking thoughout the day, plus its firm hold helps keep any stray hairs at bay.

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