Why this luxury foundation from Dior should be your newest splurge

Nectar of the gods

Why this luxury foundation from Dior should be your newest splurge
Luxury foundations are now officially a thing — with brands infusing its skincare properties in silky and luxurious formulations. So are they worth the splurge?

Question: How much do you spend on your designer wear? From Gucci sweaters to elevated streetwear from Vetements, it's likely you've spent a pretty penny on statement pieces which admittedly may not date that well. So would you place the same emphasis on your face — or specifically on helping your complexion look dewy, youthful and luminous? Think of the new range of luxury foundations from brands like Chanel, La Mer and now Dior as haute couture for your face and it will all make sense.

Dior's new Le Nectar de Teint Prestige promises to leave the skin as velvety soft and smooth as the petals of the famous Rose de Granville flowers — which are infused in the formula. When applied, this foundation helps to even out the skin and give it a satin-like glow. Each bottle contains the exclusive Pearl of Petal complex — a weave of unique powders that blend into the the Nectar de Teint Dior Prestige for the ultimate luminosity and skin correction. The complex has extraordinary optical properties, with powders that imitate the magnifying effect of water droplets in the heart of a flower's petal, to give you that petal-fresh effect. These same powders also have a multi-pearly texture that smooths and blurs away imperfections. Available in four shades — ivory, light beige, linen and medium beige — these are specially designed to closely match Asian skin tones. Each bottle also comes with a professional makeup brush — that has just the right amount of density and suppleness — to optimise the luxurious formula. 

$155 at Dior counters and stores

Text: Renée Batchelor

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