Get that '8 hours of sleep' look with Dior's new jelly mask

Wake up to better skin

Get that '8 hours of sleep' look with Dior's new jelly mask
If there's one thing women wish we had, it's more time... and younger looking skin. Kill two birds with one stone, with this new sleeping mask that gives you a well-rested complexion

There's a joke going around the Internet that we should all strive for greatness and aim for nine or even ten hours of sleep instead of the recommended eight. But the reality is, many of us are lucky to get a solid six hours because of late nights out, too much work, and frankly too many great shows on Netflix. To the rescue are skincare products that act as a skin hack of sorts, giving skin that radiant, plump and fresh look despite our serious lack of zzzs.

Dior Hydra Life Jelly sleep mask
Dior Hydra Life is a range that espouses the importance of skin hydration. Using the hydrating  power of mallow and ingredients from the brand's Aquaporin technology — skin is plumped up from within. The Jelly Sleeping Mask is a new product in  the range that has an amazing, melt-away texture that transforms from a jelly to a water upon application. Just slap it on, let it sink in and do its job while you catch up on TV or some sleep. The mask works for eight hours to give your skin a well-rested appearance — akin to getting your full eight hours quota of sleep. You'll also wake up with skin that is better on eight fronts, including: hydration, plumpnessm, radiance and smoothness

Available from 1 July at Dior counters and stores 

Text: Renée Batchelor

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