Ocean drive: La Mer celebrates World Oceans Day

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Ocean drive: La Mer celebrates World Oceans Day
With their continued support for ocean conservation, La Mer presents this year’s limited-edition product

Every year on 8 June, the world celebrates World Oceans Day. Skincare brand La Mer is especially close to the cause as its signature miracle broth, which is used in all its products, is made from sea kelp that is ethically harvested from the ocean. To date, the brand has donated over US$2.6 million to help promote ocean conservation efforts globally.

Crème de la Mer Blue Heart edition

This year, the brand has a special, limited-edition Crème de la Mer inscribed with a blue heart to symbolise their ongoing support of ocean protection as part of their year-long Blue Heart campaign. La Mer will be supporting the work of two new ocean explorers — Dr David Gruber and Shannon Switzer. Pick up a jar now if you'd like to support this important, but oft-overlooked cause.

$710. At La Mer counters from now till end June

Text: Renée Batchelor

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