It took a storied brand like Estée Lauder — perhaps better known for its skincare — to reinvent the cushion stick. And what a stellar job they've done, combining the maneuverability of a stick foundation with the ease and coverage of a cushion foundation. Esentially liquid makeup in a stick, this is especially great for application on the go — like in the back of your Uber or to touch up midday. To use simply twist the base to release a drop — you can also reverse the motion if there's too much product. When applying, use a gentle tapping motion to dot it where needed, and gently buff on the skin — it should glide on much smoother than powder foundation for an even and polished finish.
Why Estée Lauder's Double Wear Cushion Stick is super nifty

Concerned about hygiene? The sponge can be removed, washed and reattached — just pop the gold ring at the top and rinse it in soap and warm water. It seems like every small details has been taken care of in the product design. We also like the wide range of shades available in the US and hope that they will be made available here as well.

Available now at Estée Lauder counters