Dior has created the lip gloss of your dreams

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Dior has created the lip gloss of your dreams
Why is the new Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss so great? It pushes the limits of colour, shine and texure

When it comes to lip gloss, most women hanker after volume and shine, but don't want that sticky finish. The last thing you need is your hair sticking to your gloss! And although matte lips (a la Kylie Jenner) are all the rage now, it's really a gloss that will give you that plump, Kardashian-esque pout you crave — minus the fillers.

Peter Philips, the brand's creative and image director for makeup sums it up perfectly. "Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss boasts all these qualities: maximum, shine, a non-sticky, barely-there texture, visibly boosted volume that naturally plumps the lips, and fresh easy-to-wear colours." Here are five reasons why we love the new Ultra-Gloss.

It plumps up lips
Besides the visual 'trickery' that a shiny pout will give you, the new gloss has a core that is chock-full of hyaluronic acid spheres. These help to capture and retain water surrounding the lips to give it that full, plump shape you desire.

It feels comfortable
If you like the shine on glosses, but not the sticky feeling, you'll love the supple, lightweight texture that glides on smoothly and feels like nothing once worn.

The applicator is designed for precision 
By depositing the perfect 'dose' on the lips , the brush helps to maximise your glossy result.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Applicator

It comes in three finishes
Because with gloss there are different effects that you want to attain, we like that there are three finishes. Iridescent contains pearlescent pigments for a subtle shine. Sparkling delivers vibrant shine and an efferverscent finish, while Watery is light and easy to wear, infusing the lips with a watercolour veil.


It comes in 18 colours
Whether you want a fresh and delicate pink or a vibrant deep purple, there's a colour for every effect, taste and occasion. Says Philips, "Shade-by-shade adjustments were necessary for each colour to stand out as a true 'statement', while delivering one of the three magical effects."


Watch style influencer Hanneli Mustarparta's how-to video below:

Text: Renée Batchelor

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