De-age in 10 days: SK-II R.N.A Power

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De-age in 10 days: SK-II R.N.A Power
We loved the Stempower range, but SK-II has one-upped it with its newest creation, the Radical New Age (R.N.A) series

We didn't even realise that it was time for SK-II to upgrade its best-selling Stempower series. But quicker than the next installation in a Marvel superhero flick, the new skin-firming R.N.A series has been conceived and birthed. Combining its star ingredient Pitera with a new R.N.A complex, the two products target both lengthwise and crosswise firmness in the skin.

The R.N.A Power cream has pretty remarkable claims — in just ten days, you'll see noteable improvements on ten signs of ageing, ranging from wrinkles to a sallow complexion. The velvety-textured cream has a natural olive scent and leaves skin with a satin finish, making it easy to apply makeup on top of it. The Essence meanwhile complements the cream's effects, specifically targetting pore visibility and the texture of skin. Think of it as the Robin (to the cream's) Batman. This age-fighting duo is quite simply the upgrade you didn't even know your skin needed.

From $127. Available in Shilla Duty Free in July and islandwide in August.

Text: Renée Batchelor

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