Anyone with an inkling of French will know that the Le Blanc series is so named for whiteness and rightly so; for Chanel is unveiling two new additions to this well-loved range that will further infuse your skin with radiant light and transparency.

Chanel Le Blanc 2016

Based on Chanel Research's scientific discoveries into ageing that is caused by age, sun and environmental stressors, the new Le Blanc L'Extrait is an intensive whitening treatment that combats these pesky skin aggressors. If your complexion looks dull or sallow and bears dark and white spots due to daily exposure, the lotion targets your skin's underlying pigments that have been degraded. L'Extrait is a concentrate of active ingredients — such as ethyl ascorbic acid and rose hip oil — that precisely focus on these agring factors to fight against melanin degradation and accelerated cell degeneration.

Chanel Le Blanc 2016

Of course, no whitening series is complete without an intensive spot treatment that allows you to really hone in on your problem spots. That's where the Chanel Le Blanc Day and Night Duo comes in. The first chrono-spot treatment that tackles dark spots in accordance to your skin's natural biological mechanism during the day and at night, the two wands work in tandem to deliver immediate optimal whitening that corrects the worst of dark spots while preventing the formation of new ones.

Chanel Le Blanc 2016

Sounds up right your alley? Chanel does you one better as they follow up this potent whitening solution with their exclusive Night Pearl Massage that maximises the effectiveness of their Le Blanc products. Follow this technique religiously and see your complexion renewed with crystal clarity in just 28 days:

The Chanel Night Pearl Massage

Step 1: Prepare the skin

Make small circular movements with two fingers, working outwards from the middle of the face. Begin with the cheeks, then move towards the forehead and end with the lower part of the face.

Step 2: Smooth

With four fingers, smooth the skin deep down working outwards, from the cheeks towards the ears. Repeat on the forehead, the lower part of face and the neck. Repeat the application technique twice.

Step 3: Stimulate radiance

Make upward revitalising 'press-and-release' movements, with two fingertips to activate micro-circulation. Begin with the cheeks, then move towards the forehead and end with the lower part of the face.

Step 4: Soothe

Gently cover the face with both hands. Place the fingers on the forehead and the palms on the cheeks, glide the hands over the skin from the nose outwards to the ears. Repeat this movement twice.

The new Le Blanc products will be available from 4 March at Chanel counters