Caviar dreams: La Prairie Skin Caviar collection

Sturgeon's choice

Caviar dreams: La Prairie Skin Caviar collection
La Prairie adds on a new moisturiser to the Skin Caviar range — a sheer cream — and dresses up its luxury foundation

If money is not an object, your skin can be indulged in the same way that your palate is. La Prairie's Skin Caviar range was born in the 80s as the brand's scientists began looking into the unusually-long lifespan of the sturgeon to see what anti-ageing secrets this fish could possibly hold. La Prairie's Skin Caviar uses a caviar extract — rich in vitamins, amino acids, along with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids  — to stimulate collagen and lift and firm the skin.

The brand introduced its Skin Caviar Luxe Cream in 1998, and now nearly twenty years later they present a new, sheer texture. With the same skin lifting and firming ingredients as the best-selling original, the sheerer fromula gives women the luxury of choice and is a godsend for those who want a lighter cream for the day, or simply for those who have oilier complexions.

La Prairie

In addition, the super luxurious Concealer Foundation Sunscreen SPF15 will now be dressed in the range's signature cobalt blue packaging. If like us, you think that a well-matched and beautifully-textured foundation and concealer is a worthy investment, this is one product you'll be lining up to buy. With a lightweight yet luxe formula, this foundation gives the look of a naturally-flawless, well-hydrated and lifted complexion. With a matching professional-level concealer, you'll be able to hide any imperfections and under-eye circles as well. In also comes in 12 shades — a good range for a luxury foundation.

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From $340 to $680. The Luxe Cream Sheer will be in La Prairie counters in September while the newly repackaged Concealer Foundation Sunscreen SPF15 will be out in October.

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