The labelling of his and hers skincare products discourages the use of those formulated for the opposite sex, but the distinct gender divide results in twice the amount of clutter in a shared space. The solution? Go unisex. Forget yours and mine; the keyword here is ours. More space, less waste. Try some of our favourites from Aesop:

Aesop: 3 skincare products you can share

1. Amazing Face Cleanser, from $41

He'll love: The gentle, low-foaming formula that cleanses without drying.
She'll love: The steam-distilled ylang ylang that has calming and balancing properties.

Aesop: 3 skincare products you can share

2. Fabulous Face Oil, $77

He'll love: That it revives dull skin and leaves a matte finish.
She'll love: The pipette dispenser that allows precise application, reducing wastage.

Aesop: 3 skincare products you can share

3. SPF 50 Protective Body Lotion,  $53

He'll love: The four-hour water resistant factor and the spearmint and lemon aroma.
She'll love: The lightweight consistency that spreads easily, leaving no white streaks.