Johnny Depp must have found the fountain of youth in his time as pirate extraordinaire Captain Jack Sparrow. The actor who recently married actress Amber Heard and is father to a 16-year old Lily-Rose proves that he still has the looks (albeit more distinguished) that made him a hearthrob in his twenties.

Depp will front the campaign for a yet unnamed fragrance from the high profile luxury house, joining the likes of current spokespeople Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman as well as former Dior Homme fragrance reps Robert Pattinson and Jude Law. The fragrance is due to be launched in September.

Depp who will star in the fifth installment of the Disney series Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales seems to have a kept a smidgen of his character's guyliner in the first released campaign image for the scent, but the brand has wisely left out his bandanna and dreadlocked 'do for this shot — opting for a more clean-cut and polished Depp instead.