Hanneli Mustaparta may be admired for her effortless street style and lithe frame, but this photographer and former model has another hidden talent up her sleeve. Mustaparta shows off her makeup skills when she creates 'Cosmopolite' using Dior Fall 2015 makeup colours and makes it look super simple to achieve this edgy, yet pared-down look.

Sure we may not all be blessed with Mustaparta's near-perfect skin and features, but we think even mere mortals can pull off this look. Some of her tips include using the brand's Fix It as a lipstick base, letting your liquid eyeshadow dry completely before moving on to the next step and using just a tiny dab of blusher for the most natural-looking flush. 

Watch the video below:

Here are the key colour products that Mustaparta used in her video tutorial:

Dior Fluid Shadow in Magnetic

Diorblush Cheekstick in

Rouge Dior

Dior Vernis in Cosmopolite and Miroir

Available at Dior counters and stores.