I'm with the brand: Estelle & Thild

Swede sensation

I'm with the brand: Estelle & Thild
We find out more about this Swedish organic skincare brand from its founder Pernilla Rönnberg

A mother's love is the inspiration and foundation for many things. For Pernilla Rönnberg, who created her brand Estelle & Thild in 2007, it was her hope for better, healthier skincare for her daughters Estelle and Mathilde. Believing in the importance of organic ingredients, not just for the body, but for the skin, Rönnberg created her ECO-certified brand which now offers an extensive range of cleansers, serums, masks and moisturisers and has even branched out to lip balms and tinted moisturisers. We hear from Rönnberg herself on the brand and its new launches.


How old are your two daughters now?
10 and 12. My 12-year-old uses the [BioCalm] range for sensitive skin and she likes it a lot, and she a lot of opinions about what we do.

What is unique about Estelle & Thild?
I have a passion for a healthy lifestyle. I believe that what you put on your skin will also be absorbed in the body. I want to avoid toxic ingredients. And the same goes with food. I try to eat as organic as possible. It's a lifestyle, and you can see that movement already from L.A —and in Scandinavia it has grown stronger and stronger. I was quite an early adopter of this 'trend' and it is only growing.

The main difference for Estelle & Thild is that we are certified organic — it's a quality assurance. The consumer can feel safe that it's checked by someone else. It's built on the Swedish values of pureness and sustainability, and we are trying to use as much native, Nordic ingredients as possible.


Does the brand have any famous fans?
Penélope Cruz bought the products in London. Some Victoria's Secret models also use our products. And there are more Scandinavian stars. For our clients what they have in common, it is their lifestyle, rather than their age or who they are as individuals.


What are some of the new products you have out?
We have a whole range for skincare and we launched two more products in the cleansing line. The BioCleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask and the BioCleanse Radiance Micro Polish which were released in March. We also have a lip balm that launches in May. The Polish is a facial scrub, but we call it a polish because it's gentle, but effective. You can use it every day. It takes away dead skin cells and it is so important for the serum and the oil to penetrate into the deeper layers.

The Detox Mask contains a clay that takes away the toxins in your skin and makes the pores less visible, so the skin is 'cleaner'. The Polish can be used thrice a week — every second day or so is ideal — while the Mask is a treatment, so it can be used once a week.

Biocleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask, $57, and Radiance Micro Polish, $47


How do you come up with new products? Is it based on consumer demand?
We look at new, innovative ingredients all the time. With product development, we look into the effects we want to achieve and which are the best products for the market. It's a process and we work on it continuously.


Tell us about your Magic Duo.
The Magic Duo — the BioDefense Multi Action Youth Serum and the Multi-Nutrient Youth Oil — is popular, because it is such a great way of customising your skincare. You simply adjust it to your skin's needs. Other brands have serums and oils — but we didn't want to put both in the same pack, so they are two separate products. In the evening, or if your skin is dry, you use a bit more of the oil and in the daytime, you use more of the serum.


As you work with natural and organic ingredients, is the lifespan of your products ever a problem?
We have quite good expiry dates as we use a vacuum pump for the creams. So the 'freshness' is not lessened in that sense... but storage is very important. Always keep your products in a cool, dry, place especially in a humid and hot country like Singapore. Oils have a decent shelf life, but you need to store them well.

Lip Balm in Poppy Pearl, Blossom Beige and Peony Pink


What are your personal skincare picks?
I use the SuperBioActive range. Its key ingredient is the micro algae. The SuperBioActive Age Control Serum has won many awards — so it's a great product. I also mix the Repairing Oil Complex and the serum in this line together.

I also use the day and night cream and the Lifting Eye Serum. For cleansing, I like the foam and the gel cleansers. I'm, not so fond of milk — it's really about what texture you prefer. I also use the BioHydrate All in One Tinted Moisturizer. You get that perfect, healthy glow and it's quite natural. I also love our new Lip Balms that come in four shades and use it every day. It's like a gloss, but it's non-drying and really caring for the lips. It comes under the skincare line.


Is it difficult to develop Estelle & Thild products because they are all Eco-certified?
I wanted to keep the Estelle & Thild assortment easy-to-navigate and use. There is no product right now that we feel we are really missing. The skincare range is quite complementary. We have the BioCalm range that is fragrance-free and good for sensitive skin. And we also have different serums for each line, so no there is no difficulty and there is nothing missing. 

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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