What's in a scent? More than alchemy in a bottle, a fragrance is also about the precious ingredients that are meticulously sourced and perfectly blended to create a stunning olfactory experience. Says François Demachy, perfumer-creator at Dior, "To create a fragrance you need time. But also and above all, you need to be stimulated by travel, going to the terroirs and meeting the people who work them and keep them alive."

In a series of three videos, entitled The Quest for Essences, Demachy's search spans the globe, as he explores the people behind these precious ingredients, as well as the careful processes behind their harvesting.

First up, he looks at the delicate may roses in Grasse, France. Click on the subtitles for the English translation.

Next he seeks out bergamot from Calabria, Italy:

Finally, he heads to India to uncover intoxicating jasmine.