The addition of yet another product may seem unnecessary to the skincare minimalist. But when an acclaimed brand like Clarins introduces a new skincare category, one can't help but sit up and take notice. The brand has three new Treatment Essences, each designed to address a different anti-ageing issue. With a smooth yet refreshing texture, these essences are more hydrating than a regular toner and prepare the skin for the other products in a multi-step routine. After all, Clarins' research has found that if anti-ageing ingredients are unable to penetrate the skin's barrier, they won't be effective, not matter how good they are.

Clarins Essences

The three Treatment Essences each address different anti-ageing needs, and though they are roughly targetted at women in their 20's, 30's and 40's — it is best to use them according your skin condition rather than your biological age. The Multi-Active Treatment Essence for Vitality has a light texture and increases skin cell energy for a soft and radiant complexion. It's perfect for the woman who doesn't want something too heavy on the skin. For someone who hankers after more elasticity and firmness for their the skin, the Extra-Firming Treatment Essence for Bounciness has a velvety texture and hyaluronic acid to plump it up from within. The richest texture is the Multi-Intensive Super Restorative Treatment Essence for Smoothness. This refreshes and revitalises the skin with ginseng and green coffee extract, and has a mild exfoliating effect that gives you super smooth skin in the long run. If you don't like the stripped down and sometimes tight feeling on your skin post-toner, these essences are a great alternative, with a gentle, hydrating effect on the skin and a host of anti-ageing benefits to boot.

From $70-$108. Available at Clarins counters and stores in August