The facial that will transform your skin immediately

The art of touch

The facial that will transform your skin immediately
Clarins' new and improved Tri Active Facials prove the potency and power of its products and exclusive handwork by achieving instant results

If there's one facial we always look forward to, it's those at Clarins' renowned Skin Spa. Beyond the relaxing and comfortable enviroment and effective products, the true stars are the spa's superbly-trained beauty therapists. The Clarins' method and the design of each facial also elevates it beyond a face-centred therapy, to a holistic one that relaxes the mind and body as well. From choosing the kind of music that's piped in, to the quick dry massage steps at the start to relax the body, to a 'refresh' at the end with a splash of the brand's Eau Dynamisante — Clarins' treatments always feel like a luxurious and well-thought out experience.


Clarins is also one brand that truly understands the healing power of touch. Their 100 per cent 'manual' facials which do not employ any machinery are still able to deliver an impressive and visible result — such is a testament to the skill and expertise of the brand and its therapists. Each Tri Active Facial is customised to individual skin needs but follows a certain protocol: cleansing, double exfoliation, an exclusive anti-ageing facial massage and masks for the face, eyes and décolleté. This attention to detail and celebration of the sensory aspects of a facial are thanks to over 60 years in the business treating women — founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first Clarins Institute in 1954.

Clarins skin spa

The Tri Active Facial we tried was launched in conjunction with its new White Plus Serum. This Whitening Activator facial consisted of a whitening cocktail that used the brand's new ClarinsPRO Dark Spot Correcting Facial Supplement. Also included in the treatment was a Triple Whitening Mask using the new ClarinsPRO Complexion Radiance Peel-Off Mask — the mask was gel  that a powder was added to and literally peeled off — and contained acerola fruit and seed extract and alchemila extract to lighten and prevent future dark spots. The final ClarinsPRO product was a Radiance Boosting Supplement that was added to the Radiance cocktail applied at the end of the treatment. The PRO products are made for use in their spas only and because of the higher concentration of actives, results are really visible.


And with any facial, beyond the sensory appeal, it's the results that speak the loudest. We saw a significant lightening of existing acne scars on our face, an overall brightening as well as a lifted and slimmer visage thanks to the firming and reshaping anti-ageing massage that is part of every Tri Active treatment. For its immediate effects and multiple benefits, as well as the ultra-relaxing yet effective facial massage, this is definitely a facial worth splurging on.


$185 for 60 minutes. At Clarins Skin Spa

Text: Renée Batchelor

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