Hella good: Gwen Stefani has been setting hair trends for 20 years

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Hella good: Gwen Stefani has been setting hair trends for 20 years
She's been been in the business for over 20 years, but Gwen Stefani is still way ahead of the curve

Gwen Stefani how do we love thee, let us count the ways. The newly-separated rock star is looking better than ever and dare we say, even hotter than she did in her 20s. From her Harajuku Lovers fragrance and clothing lines, to her bubble pop electric brand of pop (not to mention her sing-a-long hits with her band No Doubt), there's nothing the woman can't do.

And when she burst on the scene circa 1995 with her mega-hit Don't Speak, the contrast between her retro beauty style (thin brows, platinum locks, red lips) and her band's ska-rock made her all the more interesting. Here are the trends Gwen wore first, better and hotter than anyone else.

She was rocking the dip dyed ends way back when...
With so many hair trends — from mermaid locks to tortoishell ombré — it may seem to the million Instagrammers around the world, that they're the first to wear out-of-the-box hues and use interesting techniques. But clearly, they're not.

Gwen Stefani

And yes she did pink before you did
Gwen clearly loves the colour. She has done everything from Pepto Bismol pink to subtle pastel accents, which were later seen on everyone from Rachel McAdams to street style stars. We love the reverse ombré effect with pastel hues that gradate to a deeper hue at the ends. Interestingly enough, her John Galliano, pink-tinged wedding gown had a similar effect.

Gwen Stefani

But she knows how to rock her classic platinum 'do, adding a twist (or knot) to each look
The beauty about Gwen's locks is that she never looks boring, yet she wears hairstyles you'd actually want to copy. This 2015 look is just the kind of elegant  — but still youthful — look you should be wearing for special occasions.  

Gwen Stefani

The whole crazy smurf blue trend. Been there, done that.
A throwback to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998, Gwen wore so many trends at once she made our head spin. Bindi face art, punky knots and a hair colour that could only have come out of a Manic Panic bottle... somehow she made it work.  

Gwen Stefani

Keeping it classy in 2015 with artfully-striped ends
Most recently Gwen has been seen with zebra-striped bangs, lending a touch of edge to her white-blonde hair. We predict that the kids will be doing this, oh in about, five years.

Gwen Stefani

Text: Renée Batchelor

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